Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Encounters with the miracle healer, 2/23/07

2pm session

I approached Joao with an inquiry…
I wanted clarity and direction concerning the development of my healing abilities.
He replied:
“ You are a daughter of the casa, you are a medium of the casa, and you will be linked to the entities in all your future endeavors.”
“ Your spirit is connecting with our mission.”
“ Continue your training, sit in the current room.”
Marissa, is one of Joao’s mediums. She met me later to clarify on the message.
She feels it is a great honor to be initiated as a daughter of the casa.
“ You’re on a path of service, you should always assist the unwell.”
“ You have joined our consciousness, the entities will protect and guide you on your path.”
She suggested that I become familiar with the casa rules, as long as I’m in the casa I am expected to volunteer and help guide new people.
The casa took my picture today, they’re in the process of generating a badge for me.
My responsibilities are two fold; in the current room, I’m to focus on raising my vibration (an essential part of my training) and help contain the energy for healing to take place for all those in the casa.
Medium Joao needs his mediums to help him channel the entities and to psychically raise awareness of the people seeking healing.
I am concerned about not speaking Portuguese.
Sasha and I are taking Spanish lessons, Spanish is more practical for us considering we will be visiting other countries in
South America.
Medium Joao is leaving tomorrow for
New Zealand, he asked if I plan to stay while he’s away, I did. He was pleased. We decided to stay through the second week in April.

I feel the inner teacher awakening. This inner intelligence is able to guide you, the instruction is profound if you trust it. You begin to tap into the source of knowledge. The deep current energy, and the silence facilitate this wisdom to unfold.
This is why I suggest considering the possibility of silent retreats. The inner voice, the intuition has the space to surface and guide.


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